Matt’s Top 12 Shows of 2016

Pirates, Androids, Hackers and more make up The Warren Room’s list of 2016’s best TV shows.

With so much great TV out there these days it seems like an impossible task to whittle them down into a top 10 list. There’s just so much quality TV out there that one person just cannot watch it all. Any list is going to leave out shows that rightly have a spot on it. I missed out on tons of great shows this year like Atlanta, Better Things, or the final season of Rectify but I didn’t want that to preclude me from chiming in on some of the great shows that 2016 gave us. Naturally, I couldn’t keep it just to 10 shows so you get a top 12 because The Warren Room loves bragging about great TV.

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The Top 10 Films of 2016

If you need some good films to watch, check out this list from Luke Atkins!


One of the most critically-acclaimed films ever just came out, and nobody knows it?Is Arrival the next Interstellar? What superhero film topped Deadpool? Finding Dory got toasted by other animated films? Etc. Everybody has questions—here are some answers. And since we are all tired of 2016, I’ll keep things simple.

10. Star Trek Beyond

Rating: PG-13. Rotten Tomatoes: 84%. Metacritic: 68.


A continuation of a complex series but also a comfortable standalone (with fantastic visuals yet again), Star Trek Beyond is an explosive carnival of fun; it is dazzling, dizzying, & delightful. Rogue One—while surely not a failure—relied on its name for value, but STB found its own organic personality.

9. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Rating: PG-13. Rotten Tomatoes: 90%. Metacritic: 76.


10 Cloverfield Lane is a suffocating confrontation of mysterious drama. Eerie and dark, it is a slow-burning psychological attack on our innate fears of ourselves and our surroundings. And…

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Review: Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Dazzles With Its Complex Portrait Of The Life Of Queen Elizabeth II

Claire Foy leads the cast in the drama that takes a beautiful look into the life of a Queen.

In the world of “Peak TV,” every outlet is searching for the show that will not only bring them attention but also awards. Since it began producing original shows in earnest in 2013, Netflix has had no lack of attention drawn to its service. With big shows like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and any of the shows it produces with Marvel, they’ve given people plenty of things to watch and talk about. Yet despite the amount of shows produced by Netflix (many of which are of high quality), awards have by and large skipped their shows. Yes, House of Cards received a few Emmy nominations but the critical consensus has mostly passed that show by. With The Crown, Netflix has made a serious bid into the realm of “prestige drama,” one that is sure to bring them the award attention they’ve been seeking.

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Movie Review: Marvel Gets Mystical With ‘Doctor Strange’

Benedict Cumberbatch brings the Sorcerer Supreme to life in Marvel’s most visually stunning movie yet.

Marvel Studios continues its quest for world domination one movie at a time with Doctor Strange. It’s truly astonishing to see how far the Marvel movies have come since Iron Man came out in 2008. It’s about as weird a Marvel movie as we have yet had. Although, with Thor, Ant-Man, and Guardians of The Galaxy coming out well before this, I believe audiences have been conditioned to accept the (ahem) stranger parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Indeed, Doctor Strange is a very weird movie but it is also Marvel’s most visually stunning movie yet.

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Follow-Up: Did The New Fall Shows Deliver?

Holy moly where did the time go? We’re over halfway through October now and the fall TV season is in full swing. Back in September, I wrote a post highlighting five shows premiering this fall that seemed promising to me. Now that each of those shows has premiered and aired multiple episodes I figured now would be a perfect time to let you know what I thought about each of them. Check it out!

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Review: Season 2 of ‘Mr. Robot’ comes to a close but, does it satisfy?

Mr. Robot grew increasingly bold in its second season, expanding and experimenting with its style and structure. It’s been a unique ride, but one that was at times a frustrating one. With so much mystery surrounding this season, this finale needed to really deliver on the answer front and conclude the season in a satisfying way. So did it? Let’s take a look at “Python Part 2.”

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Surprises Abound at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Ah, The Emmys. A night filled with the celebration of the best of TV from the previous year. It’s always exciting to find out the nominees and then wait impatiently for the winners to be announced. But for all that excitement, the Emmys usually end up being a boring and predictable affair where the same shows and actors win every year. That still happened this year but last night’s telecast was packed to the brim with surprising (and well deserved) winners. Let’s take a look!

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