Why I Love Movies So Much

Whenever a friend introduces me to a new acquaintance, it is inevitable for the words “This guy LOVES movies” to be uttered. I can’t be too surprised, as I go to the theater at least once a week and love to discuss everything movie-related – from the latest news to sharing about the last great film I saw. To me, film has always been more than a way to pass the time or to simply be entertained for a fleeting moment.

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Matt’s Top 12 Shows of 2016

Pirates, Androids, Hackers and more make up The Warren Room’s list of 2016’s best TV shows.

With so much great TV out there these days it seems like an impossible task to whittle them down into a top 10 list. There’s just so much quality TV out there that one person just cannot watch it all. Any list is going to leave out shows that rightly have a spot on it. I missed out on tons of great shows this year like Atlanta, Better Things, or the final season of Rectify but I didn’t want that to preclude me from chiming in on some of the great shows that 2016 gave us. Naturally, I couldn’t keep it just to 10 shows so you get a top 12 because The Warren Room loves bragging about great TV.

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Follow-Up: Did The New Fall Shows Deliver?

Holy moly where did the time go? We’re over halfway through October now and the fall TV season is in full swing. Back in September, I wrote a post highlighting five shows premiering this fall that seemed promising to me. Now that each of those shows has premiered and aired multiple episodes I figured now would be a perfect time to let you know what I thought about each of them. Check it out!

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Surprises Abound at the 2016 Emmy Awards

Ah, The Emmys. A night filled with the celebration of the best of TV from the previous year. It’s always exciting to find out the nominees and then wait impatiently for the winners to be announced. But for all that excitement, the Emmys usually end up being a boring and predictable affair where the same shows and actors win every year. That still happened this year but last night’s telecast was packed to the brim with surprising (and well deserved) winners. Let’s take a look!

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Fall Preview: Five new shows to keep on your radar

Well, folks, summer 2016 is all but behind us at this point. September is here and that means a great many things like school, the US open, and the return of college football! But more important than those things (oh yes, I’m going there) is the return of fall TV! Yes with every September comes a new crop of TV shows, most of which will be canceled so fast you’re liable to have commitment issues for the rest of your life. So which ones should you watch? Here are five shows who’s trailers, premises, cast, and creative talent impressed me enough to get a spot on my watch list:

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Summer viewing: Five shows to catch up on this summer

Summer is a great time of the year. It’s a chance to relax a little and catch up on some things you might have missed during the year. In today’s age of “Too Much TV,” it is easier than ever to hear about a great show but just not have the time to watch it. Well with it being summer perhaps you have found yourself with a little extra free time and no new shows to watch. You’re in luck because I have five great shows that are available on Netflix or Amazon that are ready for your viewing pleasure. Three of the shows on the list have completed airing and two are still in their runs but all five are more than your time. Let’s get started…

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Too Much TV: The changing television landscape and how to cope with it.

“I just don’t have time to watch another show.”

That’s something I myself have said multiple times in the past year. Gone are the days of linear TV viewing, where the only way to watch an episode was on a specific day at a specific time. Now we have networks, cable channels, streaming outlets, and even Playstation producing original content! According to FX CEO John Landgraf, 409 scripted series aired in the last year. There are now more original shows on air and more ways to watch them than ever before. So the question is; how does someone keep up in this era of “Peak TV?”

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