Review: ‘Stranger Things’ provides the perfect binge.

Summer was once a time where TV took a nice break while repeats filled the airwaves. Not so much anymore, a vast amount of content is being produced throughout the entire year across all kinds of platforms. One such show that premiered this summer to tremendously positive critical and audience acclaim was Netflix’s Stranger Things. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was a new post, tweet, or status about the show. It felt like everyone was talking about it. Clearly, the show struck a chord but what exactly made it so popular? Let’s take a look…

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Review: ‘Mr. Robot’ shifts the focus to Darlene and fsociety.

For most of its run, Mr. Robot has been presented from Elliot’s perspective. We see the world as he sees it, like how E-Corp became “Evil Corp” because of Elliot’s mental reprogramming. In season one, Elliot and Rami Malek were the show. So what happens when you take Elliot out of Mr. Robot? Well, “Successor” endeavours to show us that and it largely succeeds at it. I’ve got a review coming right up.

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Review: ‘Mr. Robot’ gets even weirder in an excellent episode

I was most definitely not expecting that tonight.

Mr. Robot‘s second season continued tonight with an episode that switched up the format in an excellent and totally surprising way. I’ve got some thoughts on “Master-Slave” coming right up…

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Review: A more focused ‘Mr. Robot’ set things in motion

After three weeks and four episodes, season two of Mr. Robot has finally begun to take shape as characters cross paths and mysteries begin to drift toward the center. I’ve got a review of “Logic Bomb” coming right up…

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