Summer viewing: Five shows to catch up on this summer

Summer is a great time of the year. It’s a chance to relax a little and catch up on some things you might have missed during the year. In today’s age of “Too Much TV,” it is easier than ever to hear about a great show but just not have the time to watch it. Well with it being summer perhaps you have found yourself with a little extra free time and no new shows to watch. You’re in luck because I have five great shows that are available on Netflix or Amazon that are ready for your viewing pleasure. Three of the shows on the list have completed airing and two are still in their runs but all five are more than your time. Let’s get started…

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Review: ‘Mr. Robot’ hits the panic button

As befitting of the deeper dive into Elliot’s psyche, season two of Mr. Robot continues to feel a bit amorphous. Thus far the episodes haven’t had a clear structure and with no definitive seasonal endgame in sight (yet, it is still early) it all feels so very different from what has come before.

Several moments in tonight’s episode, entitled “Kernel Panic”, shook me to the core and I have some thoughts on the episode as a whole coming right up.

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Review: No Show Has More To Say About The World We Live In Than ‘Mr. Robot’

Premiering last summer out of seemingly nowhere on the USA Network, Mr. Robot ended up being one of my top shows from 2015. It quickly proved to be not only captivating but timely as well. Mr. Robot is a show for the here and now, a show for this day and age. A show that brings a sharp focus on the way we as humans behave and interact in the modern era. I knew as much by the time season one had ended and with the premiere of its second season, Mr. Robot has once again proved why it is essential viewing. Allow me to explain further.

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Review: ‘The Wire’ heads to the docks for Season Two

As the summer continues to wear on so too does my viewing of HBO’s all-time classic series The Wire. While the first season focused on the Baltimore drug trade, season two shifts focus to the blue-collar workers down at the port. I’ve watched eight of the season’s twelve episodes and have a review coming right up…

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