Review: Season 2 of ‘Better Call Saul’ goes out on a high note

When Better Call Saul was announced I wasn’t sure what to expect. Saul Goodman was a character that I had love from Breaking Bad but didn’t expect to see a spinoff from. One thing I knew for sure was that this would not be some cheap cash-in to extend the Breaking Bad brand. No, Vince Gilligan (who created BB) and Peter Gould (who created the character of Saul) would give us something worthy of our time.

Flash forward to now and Better Call Saul just wrapped up its second season. I was sold on the show from the get go but I was not expecting the show that we got this year. Better Call Saul has not only justified its existence, it has become the next must-watch drama in American TV. I have a review of the season two finale “Klick” below.

SPOILERS BELOW. So only read if you’ve watched the episode or don’t care (which you should). 

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Checking In: ‘The Walking Dead’ ends season 6 with a pathetic cliffhanger

I’m so done with this show. Sorry, let me back track a little. AMC’s The Walking Dead ended its sixth season on Sunday, April 3rd with the episode “Last Day on Earth” and boy oh boy was it awful.

The thought that went through my mind the most after I finished watching “Last Day on Earth” was; “How did a show that I genuinely enjoyed for several years take such a sharp turn south?” Man does it hurt to write that…just a month ago I was praising that the show had turned a corner into some great new territory. Well the award for “Fastest Change of Matt’s Opinion” goes to The Walking Dead. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

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